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8" Drum Sander


1/2 Day: $45.00

Full Day: $60.00

Week: $210.00

Additional state/local taxes and 8% damage waiver not included. 

Ideal for aggressive sanding of hardwood floors.  Price listed above is for the machine only.  We will send you with multiple sheets of sand paper of a variety of grits and charge for only the ones you use. 


  • Heavy duty 1-1/2 hp dual capacitor motor provides power for the most demanding jobs.

  • Disassembles easily for transport or storage.

  • Totally enclosed dust free motor eliminates motor cleaning.

  • 40 ft. gray rubber covered power cable provides longer reach.

  • Rugged cast aluminum construction designed for years of service.

Check out this helpful tutorial on how to operate this machine.

How To:

For a start to finish tutorial on sanding hardwood floors, check out the great video by American Sander

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